Skin Treatments

Susan Cosmetic Nurse provides a number of different skin treatment services including Vein Removal, Skin Pigmentation correction and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. Our service aims to provide clients with support and advice prior, during and post treatment. Contact Susan Cosmetic Nurse today to speak with a trained consultant.

Skin Treatment Services


How do I know what skin treatment I need?

Susan Cosmetic Nurse skin treatments are designed to improve your skin’s look and feel by refining its texture and tone. Depending on our client needs, there are different types of skincare solutions available starting from wrinkle and scar reduction, vein removal, skin pigmentation correction and chemical peels.

We understand that each and everyone of our clients skin situation is unique. Therefore we advise prospect clients to contact us for a free one-to-one phone consultation, allowing a trained consultant to guide you through the discovery of skin treatment options.

What kind of skin treatment is available for ageing skin?

Chemical peels are a popular option for improving the appearance of skin, giving clients a more youthful texture and uniform colouration. Chemical treated skin also blends with your untreated skin.

For deeper facial lines, which also add to the effect of ageing, may be treated with dermal fillers.